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Established in 1997, our commitment in excellence of quality and service paved path to our growth and extending our branches and partners worldwide. With the success of our tremendous growth in export

markets as our major activity, we are also fulfilling the demands of local dealer and corporate market.

Our wide range of products andavailability of major brands products makes us a unique andsingle supplier for our export clients with the most competitive prices and assuring the best in service. Currently supplying to more than 77 countries and 424 satisfied regular customers worldwide.

Our Stability in the market has been increasing as our major advertisement source has been the customer itself by referring our quality products and services to the next customer. Our steady increase in turnover, expansion of our organization, growth of satisfied customer proves our successful presence in the market.

We are Prefered and Diamond partners for some renowned brands. Our company gets special rates, rebates, discounts andoffers which we additionally pass it ahead to our regular customers worldwide, so that they can benefit from the same.

Our sales growth has reached heights by our professional approach to different sectors :

Retail: We are linked directly with consumers by having database. We update our customers with new technology, promotions and festival deals.

Corporate: We have a long term relation and a big count of customers supplying to Government Institutions, Ministries, Banks, Industries and Hotels.

Dealer Channel: Supporting the local market with special deals and regular offers and major supplies of our brand and other brands for which we are premier partners.


Our Staff, the strength of our company is divided into separate units as administration unit, export sales unit, customer support / service unit, dealer channel, corporate channel and sales desk. Every unit has its responsibility not as an individual but as a team work, so the customer can take full advantage of our services. All Premier employees are updated for the latest in the IT to create awareness in consumer for the happenings in the High Tech industry, along with regular weekly meetings held for suggestion’s, complaints and developments of the company. Our relationship within the market, with the local competitors and IT related professionals has always been friendly and understanding helping our consumers gain maximum advantage of it.


For our logistics we follow the P and P formula…….. (Prompt and Perfect).

The huge demand of exports makes us prepared in advance for the future consumption in mind, our stores handles bulk import and local purchase which is updated and revised according to market trend.

A team of 15 people handle that division in 3 different sections. All shipments of exports are handled andpacked with proper care andcaution. To be more efficient andprovide our customers with better service andmore competitive prices “Premier Computers” has a tie up with a forwarding agent in Jebel Ali for all direct export shipments and internal free zone transfers.

Updates and Offers

And our regular export customers get special incentives for their purchases from us based on quarterly calculations of brand wise, volume wise, ageing stock and new bundle schemes, We also send regular mails and updates to our registered customers.


Always aiming to upgrade and update the customers with the latest technology ,enjoying the best possible low cost quality solution in the fields of information, Business, Education and Entertainment. We always keep our selves one step ahead in marketing andproduction information of latest technology updates , offers and prices, We give regular advertisements in local newspapers, IT magazines and B2B websites, also we participate in government organized festivals and promotions. Also we give away offers and promotions on many brands, so that our customers can get the maximum benefits.